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After developing a strong reputation not only as a side musician, playing with internationally renowned artists such as Ana Moura, but also in his solo career, as evidenced by winning one of the prizes of the European Guitar Award 2021, Manel Ferreira now presents his second album, Vento Ibérico - a fusion of influences ranging from Flamenco to Fado and from Tango to Classical Music.


Manel Ferreira - Caminhos do Sul
Manel Ferreira - Caminhos do Sul

Manel Ferreira - Caminhos do Sul

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Manel Ferreira - Sintra a Jerez (Live at Teatro Ibérico)

Manel Ferreira - Sintra a Jerez (Live at Teatro Ibérico)

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Manel Ferreira -  Sudra

Manel Ferreira - Sudra

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Although born and raised in Sintra, Portugal, Manel Ferreira mixes musical styles as diverse as the places he has traveled- with his backpack and 7 string guitar by his side, he’s seen the jungles of Guatemala and the steep peaks of the Himalayas. He stores his memories in musical format- in instrumental pieces, which mix various World Music genres, like Flamenco and Tango, with subtle nuances of Classical Music and Jazz or in songs that immediately send us to the place where they were created. 

When at home, he’s walking a path just as exciting - he was one of the winners of the prestigious ‘European Guitar Award 2021’ and has played in places ranging from South Africa to Russia to all over Europe, both solo, and with some of Portugal’s finest artists, including Ana Moura, with whom he currently plays.


He has just released his new album 'Vento Ibérico’, where he showcases some of his newest compositions, with a more ‘Iberian’ feel, and also a couple of eclectic arrangements of songs by two Portuguese artists that have influenced him- Carlos do Carmo and Sérgio Godinho. It's also the first time he presents himself as a singer, with the song 'Solidao'.

Both in this new album and in live performances, Manel now showcases his talents in two different formats- solo or in trio, where Iuri Oliveira and Carlos Garrote join in on the percussion and double bass, respectively.


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